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Christian Sage of the Himalayas- Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh is a Christian sage of the Himalayas in the 1940s.

When he was still young he had a vision which returned night after night.

In his vision, a sage came to him and said, “Are you prepared to listen to me?
I am your saviour. There is no other way for you.”

He did not know who it was that come to him and ask people for advise.
When he saw a picture of Christ, he said, “Here is the Master who appears in my dream and awakens me.”

Finally he left his home and when to live in the Himalayas where he remained for a long time.

When Swami Rama went to visit him, Sadhu Sundar Singh taught him the comparative study of the Bhagavad Gita and the bible. He said ,“The message that was given in the morning was the message of Krishna; the message that was given in the afternoon was the message of Buddha; and the message that was given in the evening was the message of Christ. There is no difference. Christ the compassionate, Buddha the enlightened and Krishna the perfect gave their message according to their times and the need of the masses who were prepared to follow them. These great ones were representatives of one absolute Reality who assumes various forms and descends to guide humanity whenever he is needed. The sages have a tradition of reverence for all the great religions of the world.”

One day Swami Rama asked him,” Have you seen God?”

He said, “You insult me by asking me. I see God all the time. Do you think I have seen God only once, twice or thrice? No, I am with my Lord all the time. When I cannot be with Him, then He is with me.”

Swami Rama said , “Kindly explain.”

He explained it beautifully.,” As long as you remain conscious, be with God consciously by remembering Him. When your conscious mind starts fading when you fall asleep surrender yourself. The last thought before you go to bed should be, “O Lord be with me. I am Thine and Thou art mine.’ The whole night, the Lord will remain with you. You can always remain together.

One day this great sage vanished in the high Himalayas, never to be seen again.

- extracted from the book “Living with the Himalayan Masters’ By Swami Rama.

I remember reading a small book on Sadhu Sundar Singh in Geylang East National Library.
The book is beautifully written and I took just a while to finish it.
If you wish to borrow it, it should still be available under the philosophy and religion section.

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